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Web-based applications

Modern design, light and comfortable sites of different complexity: from online business cards to sterling dynamic Web-based applications with various interactive elements. We Provide a range of services related to the development from "scratch", changing at different levels of functionality, support for web-based application performance, optimization and modernization projects.




We providence services for the design and development solutions, zoals the creation of e-shops, integration with the delivery of goods, storage systems, integration with payment. Create interactive, rich functionality posse sing solutions for payment systems, trading platforms and portals. We providence or overdeveloped integration solutions with ERM and CRM systems, the migration of e-commerce applications to the new platform, support, and maintenance of electronic and mobile sales, social commerce.




Information systems

Develop automated information systems focused on the accumulation, storage, processing, transformation, and monitoring of information of various kinds and different amounts. Create a convenient intuitive user interface and attractive design based on customer requirements, usability experts and designers. During the work, perform manual and automated testing of systems.




mobile applications

Design, development and ongoing support of applications for mobile devices running on operating systems: Google Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Bada.




Software and hardware solutions

We carry out the development of security and fire alarm systems, access control to premises. The solution is completely self-contained modules-which aim to protect and responding to any emergencies. These systems are used not only as a modular component of the intelligent home. They are editable to cover the entire range of tasks Necessary to control rooms and buildings.




Economy and Finance

The development of desktop applications, software, financial and economic orientation. The integration of heterogeneous applications and data integration of different information systems into a single system. Current maintenance of software and information systems. We providence implementation, configuration and support of all the major functional modules of SAP, the integration of web services and the development of mobile solutions for SAP.