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Web Applications

We create date, user-friendly and flexible web sites of varying difficulty, from business sites to full dynamic web applications with various interactive elements. We also offer a range of opportunities to develop a web application "from the beginning", and functionalities to adapt an already existing products at various levels to support the work of web applications, and optimize existing projects and modernization.




For payment systems, portals and electronic trading platforms we create interactive solutions that are equipped with many features. We integrate solutions already developed by ERM and CRM systems, wear e-commerce applications to a new platform to support and guide systems of e-commerce, mobile commerce and social commerce.





Our company has rich experience in developing systems of varying difficulty and direction. We create simple and intuitively-clear user interfaces with an attractive design. In addition, we always take into account the wishes of the customer and the opinion of usability specialists and designers. In the course of the project we implement the system manual and automated tests.




mobile apps

We design, develop and accompany applications for mobile devices operating on Google Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Bada equally as cross-platform applications.




Hardware and software combined solutions

We design security and fire alarm systems and systems for access control to buildings. This solution consists of fully autonomous modules which are intended for the security in general, and mention of any emergency situation. Such systems may be applied not only as a module of a smart house. They can also meet all the functionality required for protection of areas and buildings.




Economy and Finance

We develop software for financial and economic sectors. We integrate various applications and data from different information systems into a single system. In addition, we carry out in the course of the operation support software and information from.