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InToSoft Makes 22nd Place in the 2017 Top Developers in Belarus List

Though we haven't made part of the Leaders Matrix, our company was named one of the top contenders, taking 22nd place of the most recognized software developers of Belarus.

Clutch’s research examines vendors based on over a dozen quantitative and qualitative elements, each one approximating a different aspect of experience, reliability or professionalism. Analysts review evidence of industry experience such as vendor portfolios and conduct in-depth interviews with vendors’ current and past clients. These efforts capture a meaningful snapshot of business performance, helping buyers better understand the capabilities and limitations of firms competing in the marketplace.

“Things have improved noticeably during the last decade or two for tech suppliers in Belarus,” said Joshua Margolin, Principal Analyst at Clutch. “National emphasis on STEM education, thoughtful economic development programs, and a commitment to superior customer service, are what seem to be responsible for their booming tech industry.”

InToSoft profile can be found here:

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