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There are a number of myths That cause concerns among some clients, as soon as they think or nearshore or offshore software development. This 'notoriety' is due to different business experience with offshore developers from Asian or East European countries-which do not have any strong tradition of training or IT specialists. 

 Into Soft Undoubtedly capable of dispelling myths thesis. First of all, there are neither essential nor cultural language barriers between Into Soft and its clients.There are no barries That Could Become an obstacle for our mutual understanding, communication and, Thereby, for successful business experience. Our specialists speak the same languages ​​as our clients: Russian, English and Dutch.

Secondly, we plan our work to comply with your working hours, osmanthus Avoiding any substantialism time difference. Therefore, we try to Ensure the most comfortable working conditions and opportunities for cooperation.

More About, Belarus, where our company is located, and Minsk in Particular, can be proud of a strong educational base for IT specialists. That can easily be PROVED by the factthat for the last 10 years projects from all over the world have been concentrated here. Besides, this fact ook makes clear why our specialists Possess the most up-to-date knowledge and get a Possibility to share their Own experience on the world level.

And finally, the general management of the company works Mainly from the Netherlands, what gives our clients additional European Guarantees or up-to-date information, support and quick response.