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Offshoring en nearshoring

There are a number of myths that cause anxiety in some companies as those thinking of nearshore or offshore software development. This "glory" is due to the experiences with offshore developers from Asia or Eastern European countries that have no strong tradition in the training of IT specialists.

 Into Soft is guaranteed to be able to dispel these myths. First and foremost there are between Into Soft and its customers no significant cultural or language barriers that may be a potential obstacle to mutual understanding, communication and so successful work experience. namely, our specialists speak the same language as our customers: Russian, English and Dutch.

Secondly, we plan to work the same hours as you, without significant difference. So we provide maximum comfortable working conditions and opportunities for cooperation.

Apart from being able to Belarus, where our company is located, and Minsk in particular, are proud of the strong tradition of training IT specialists. The fact that here are concentrated during the last 10 years, projects from around the world, can only confirm that. It is also clear why our specialists on the most outgoing knowledge so as if the possibility of benefit to exchange their experience on the world stage.

Last but not least argument, we see that the main management company mostly works from the Netherlands, which gives our European customers additional warranty date information, support and quick responses.