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App is a system of registration and processing of events. The system can register events both in a manual and an automatic mode. The events (or incidents) can have a unique as well as a typical for the incident scenario of running. The scenarios in the system can contain different kinds of actions: automatic, compound, user-assigned and so on. All the events are displayed on a map. The system contains a questionnaire where participants of the incident register all the necessary information after the incident has come to an end. This questionnaire can be created for every incident or type of incident in order to help during the process of resolution and investigation of the incident later.

The system is able to support several types of notifications, such as email, SMS and push notifications.

Interaction with the system can be performed from the web interface as well as by means of an IOS client. The system allows the participant of an incident resolution to obtain complete information about the current event and information about the incidents that happened on the same location earlier. With the help of mobile interface a user can add extra information on the incident if needed (for example pictures, notes, etc.).

The technologies being used are: .Net 4.5, Asp .Net MVC 4, Entity Framework 5.0, MS SQL Server 2012, Kendo UI, JQuery, SharePoint, Open street maps.