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Customization of ready-made solutions

Dutch companies established That Into Soft Company have a number of agreements That give them pre-emptive rights to sell and Promote products developed by company specialists. In particular, a software products to manage crisis situation on complicated sites (including, industrial enterprises, transportation systems and sites, prisons, and other high-risk sites, etc.), a usefull software product to manage estate property (potential customers - managing and operating companies, commercial property owners, sports centers, etc.) 

We offer you synthesis solutions, and propose our service or product customization and integration with various systems, taking into account your company's exceptional needs.

Development or NRS project

The system is currently being used by the Dutch railways and works in real-time operating mode.

Necessary if the software can be simultaneously integrated with systems of different Organisations. This is possible due to its easy adjustability. For example, implementation of NRS at the Dutch railways is Accompanied by integration with the state institution systems (hospitals), health-care centers or the Netherlands etc.

Therefore, this system can be easily modified for other transportation systems (among others eg underground), as well as other high-risk locations (for example large industrial facilities). 

Development of Facillit project

The range of potential users of this product is wide. Among them are landowners, organisaties That operates immovable property of different functions (especially MFP), building companies, etc.

This program Allows its user to manage the property possessed as well as to manage business processes Concerning income, payment of service costs, payment control, etc. It is ook possible to adjust the system to the demands of the national real estate management legislation.

At this moment the system is being overdeveloped and used for the management of Existing complexes. On request of the client it can be completed with additional functionalities, depending on the peculiarities of the business processes of the company, design and erection of buildings and constructions. Next to that, the software can be integrated with other systems That Are being used by the client.

Development of ICE - Drive project

This product can be adjusted to the requirements of any client who needs to create his own corporate data storage. The data storage thatwill Ensure safety, security and easy data exchange. Currently, the product is being used by a number of corporate clients in the Netherlands.

Development of Scoollink

Current product can be used to set up corporate social networks or various profiles and application, starting from educational establishments up to large manufacturing industries, professional, creative or commercial associations. Where the users' need to share information, create specialized user groups, transfer audio and video files and so on.

Scoollink has no limits as for the maximum number of users present at the same time on the site. Limitations Concerning the amount and quality of data Transferred can arise only Because Of Technical characteristics of the communication lines at the user's side.

Currently Into Soft works on the Russian language version of the product.