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Aanpassing van kant-en-klare oplossingen

Dutch companies by whom Into Soft was founded, a number of agreements with customers so that they have the marketing rights to the sale of the products developed by our specialists. Specifically refers to software designed for the management of crisis situations on difficult objects (which may include industrial, transportation objects and systems, prisons and other correctional facilities, etc.), as well as to software designed for the management of real estate (potential users are companies with administrative and operating functions, owners of such types of real estate such as shopping centers, office buildings, sports centers, etc.)

We offer you the possibility to make use of these solutions, and in addition we offer our services in the area of ​​customizing the software and its integration with different systems taking into account your wishes.

Development of NSR project

Currently this system is used by the Dutch Railways and operates in real-time operating mode.

If necessary, the software can be integrated in parallel with various other systems of organizations. This is possible thanks to the fact that it is easy to adapt to the requirements. As an example, the implementation of NSR at the Dutch Railways involves the integration of other systems, such as software for hospitals, Dutch emergency number (112) etc.

To the NRS is also possible to other transport systems (including eg. Subway) to adjust, like other objects at risk (eg large industrial companies).

Developing Facillit

The spectrum of potential users of this product is quite large. That may be property owners, organizations that only objects with various functionalities (especially multifunctional companies) are in use, construction companies etc.

The program allows you to adjust the existing property management just as perform administrative tasks that have to do with hiring, payment of fees, control of payments, etc. It is also possible the system to the requirements of national legislation in the field of property management.

At present, the system is developed and used to manage existing complexes. The system can be supplemented at the request of the customer with additional functionalities depending on the particularities of the business processes of the company, the design and construction of structures and buildings. In addition, integrated software can be with other existing systems already in use by the customer. 

Development of ICE-Drive project

This product can be adapted to the requirements of each customer which has a need to create their own store for holding data. Private storage that will ensure safety, reliability and easy data exchange. At this time, the product is used by a number of corporate clients in the Netherlands.

Developing Scoollink

The product can be used for the setting up of corporate social networks with a wide variety of profiles and features. This could include a whole range of interested parties: by educational institutions to large industrial companies, professional, creative or commercial associations. Especially in the context of their work, the users need to exchange information, create specialized groups, transfer of audio and video files etc.

Scoollink has no limits in terms of maximum number of users who are simultaneously present on the site. Any restrictions on the extent and quality of transmitted data can be created only by technical limitations of the communication lines of the user.

Today Into Soft is working on the Russian-language version of the product.